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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  December 26, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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. it was 9:00 christmas night when someone inside this mental health facility called 911. the caller said someone here wanted to harm someone else. but tonight, police are saying
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that was a false emergency. when officers got here, they say instead the 911 caller himself was holding a knife and charged at them in the streets. two officers shot at the man who later died at the hospital. >> bam, bam, bam, four or five shots. reporter: mike heard the whole thing from his could not. >> he no question those were gunshots. reporter: in this online video, the executive director explains momentum for mental health is a holistic it teaches independent living skills and helps residents cope with mental health issues. it is licensed by the department of social services and the california department of mental health. the ceo sent this e-mail to employees calling this a sad and tragic incident. confirming that it was a client shot and killed by police. >> people that i have met from
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here have been very respectful and they keep to themselves. reporter: momentum for mental health did not return my request for comment. as to have the officers, neither was hurt but both are on paid leave, standard procedure. the district attorney's office here is conducting a parallel investigation into this case. also, the palo alto police department says they will be releasing the names of those police officers in the upcoming days. reporting live in palo alto, kron 4 news. new information about a police shooting. officers found a backpack with a ski mask and burglary tools linked to the man suspected of shooting a bart police officer. that backpack had a bb gun. this is cell phone video of the incident. he was shot yesterday when officers returned fire. investigators later discovered
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a body inside a u-haul truck that he had been pushing. he is listed in stable condition. temperatures across the bay area tonight. a freeze warning is in effect. we have a look at the forecast. how low will it go? it could be colder than what we had this morning. we had temperatures that fell into the upper 20s to start the day today. mainly for the north bay. here are the coldest places i could find. pet loma got down to 28 this morning. for tonight, we could be going down to the mid-20s for some of those coldest temperatures and right now it's pretty chilly. in the 30s santa rosa. fairfield checking in at 37. we have readings currently in the 30s so liver moore. we just dropped 4 degrees in the past hour. as we go into the overnight and get closer to sunrise, that's when we'll see coldest readings. look for upper 20s, low 30s
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north bay and east bay. for the south bay, san hose and a locations in the santa clara valley at or below freezing. even pretty chilly by the bay with mid to upper 30s. we have a freeze warning in effect again for tonight. we had one last night. tonight we could see those temperatures in the mid-20s in the coldest valleys. tomorrow night we have a storm system coming through that will make for warmer temperatures overnight. i'll tell you about that storm coming up. reminder for complete weather forecasts and ale your bay area weather, download our app. wildfires and severe storms threatening much of the country over the holiday weekend. dramatic home video shows a massive wildfire that's burning in southern california right now. mandatory evacuations are in effect. meanwhile, parts of the south are still recovering from tornadoes and widespread flooding. at least four people were killed in texas from that
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tornado. from our partners at cnn. reporter: this is what christmas night looked like in ventura county. fast moving flames burned more than 1200 acres shutting down parts of two southern california highways. >> when we open something up, it's a still a dynamic situation. it could change. if we do open it up, it's still not a contained fire. reporter: several hundred firefighters called out to battle the flames. fire fanned by gusty winds that could possibly reach up to 45 miles per hour. mandatory evacuations were in place for beach residents and a volume tear evasion uation for people in neighboring areas. >> we're talking winter storm weather including snow and ice stretching from texas all the way up towards chicago by monday. reporter: the texas and no,
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sir panhandle are expecting abelias art. parts of the south are still recovering from days of heavy rain and excessive flooding. the governor of alabama issued a state of emergency. officials say a tornado may have touched down in birmingham and damaged several homes. this mississippi, more than a dozen tornadoes slammed the state. 15 people died in storm related incidents in mississippi, tennessee, and arkansas. winter vomiting disease known as the norovirus is on the rise. 32 outbreaks since october of this year and they have sickened hundreds of people. that disease is very contagious and usually triggers vomiting and diariasm you can get it by contact with an infected person, by eating or drinking foods and lick ways it contain the disease or by touching contaminated things and then touching your mouth. health officials say be sure to wash crush hands with soap and juaning -- running water for 20
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seconds. happening now, christmas is over. the holiday deals are ramping up. the day after christmas means blowout sales and deep discounts. we have reaction now from shoppers at union square. reporter: in union square near san francisco, shoppers came out very early to take advantage of all the day after christmas deals. here at macy's, stores opened at 7:00 a.m. and before stores opened, there are people out here waiting to get inside to take advantage of up to 75% of the merchandise that was inside the store. i talked to people about taking advantage of those deals. >> just looking for stuff we didn't get for christmas or things that we thought we were going to get and we didn't get and that are on sale or -- >> being in san francisco this early in the morning and christmas is so up. >> i got here at 7:00 in the morning to line up for the shoe sales. i was one of the first people in line.
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it was chaos, absolutely mayhem. people were pushing and shoving and nuts. the sales were pretty great. >> i've been in urban outfitters. i've been in the crystal store, bloomingdale running around. i've been all over. >>reporter: now, i'm told that shoppers owe this year day after christmas deals to sluggish sales before christmas. >> i don't have to tell you the football -- it's football season and the rows bowl has -- rose bowl is coming up. we have a big band prepping for the big day. ♪ [ music ] reporter: the sarasota high school marching band is prepare for marching in the rose bowl parade. >> maintain a 4-step distance, please. reporter: for the first time in the school's history, they will be part of what is one of the most celebrated events of
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the year. it took years to get there. >> there was a pretty long application process. it took us about two years to get everything ready. we need to get letters of recommendation, videos of the band performing, organizing fundraisers. reporter: they imagined to land a prime spot. >> the band is the 65th unit out of 93. we're a little beyond midway through the parade. we hope the temperature is nice and warm by the time. reporter: while the band is performing, band members know nothing is bigger than the rose bowl march. >> there's more outsideience that's watching the actual marching. there's the rose bowl game that's being played after the parade. there's more tv coverage. there's more people in the stands. >> i loved watching the parade since i was a little kid and i can't believe i get to be part of it. >> my family is afraid i'm going to mess up on national tv. other than that, they are pretty excited for me, too. reporter: the tournament of roses committee says 57 million
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people watch it across the world. so we have to be prepared, i guess. 57 million viewers in more than 100 different countries. no pressure. >> the kids will be great. i'm scared to death. i'm very nervous. i know the kids are going to be spectacular. reporter: the band will be performing at the tournament of roses band fest at downtown disney. kron 4 news. come you go up, a mother and college student shot and killed in chicago. more on the latest officer involved shooting shooting in that troubled city. a fire that burned a mosque in houston now being called suspicious. what's behind the backlash. some east bay families get a visit from seth occury. these aren't basketball baskets he's giving out. details next.
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we told you at the top of our newscast, 7 people hospitalized tonight following a tour bus crash. it happened along the embark darey. these are pictures from a viewer it happened around 6:00 tonight near the intersection of broadway and embarcadero. that's where we find our reporter live from the scene. what can you tell us? reporter: i can tell you that the police just clear the scene out here. the bus was taken away as well. it went under its own power. it did not have to be towed. take a look. we just shot this 30 minutes ago. you can see what it looks like out here. san francisco police officers surrounding that bus conducting their investigation. we do know that 7 people on that bus were injured and taken to the hospital. very, very minor injuries here. nobody seriously injured out here. that's the good news. according to police, what happened was a car cut off the tour bus. the front of the tour bus was
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cut off. it had to slam on the brakes. the bus driver had to slam on the brakes causing another car to hit the bus from behind. this happened right here just in front of pier 5 around 6:00 this evening. again, just a few minor injuries there. now, we did talk to a lady who saw some of the people getting treated here. >> there were a lot of police cars. a lot of ambulances. people being taken away on the stretchers and being put into the ambulance. reporter: i can't tell you -- i can tell you also the person driving the car that cut off the bus has been cited. we will continue to gather more information on this. as soon as we get more updates, we'll bring them along to you. an act of generosity this holiday season. warriors star seth curry is teaming up with the feed the children campaign to provide support to oakland's families in need. today, he handed out food and
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other personal items to the folks at the bb memorial cathedral. we have more on this event. reporter: the curry family, including -- handed out care packages to 400 oakland families families. >> it's a genuine place that i appreciate the resources i have to give back. they support us on the court and they are in need. that's a huge bonus, to be in a position we are. reporter: each family received boxes filled with food, basic essentials, and the children got a few treats. >> it was really ex sight. this is my -- this is my first time. >> these role models and important figures come and give back to the community, it's
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essential. >> it's very important to -- important to our community. >> many people have to choose between medicine and food or should i pay rent or buy food. that's a stressful environment to be in. this day has made that stress a little less. reporter: seth curry signed out graphs and caught up with fans. >> i was very happy because he's a good role model and i play basketball, too. >> he amounts -- he always coals back and shows us love. >> he's caller -- taller than i thought, a lot taller. >> it's amazing to see his whole family come together and do that. i'm a grown man and i was excited. reporter: this is the third year he teamed up with feed the children to help needy families in the east bay. reporting in oakland, kron 4 news. a drive-by shooting in richmond has left two people injured. it happened around 11:00 in the 600 block of florida avenue. the suspect was in a car and shot a car occupied by five people some eight or nine
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times. a woman suffered a grazing gunshot wound that is not life- threatening. the girl suffered minor injuries from the broken glass. both were taken to the hospital. so far there is no motive and investigators are not releasing the suspect information, not yet any way. the repair vase on to fix the uss hornet in alameda before the heavy rains come to the bay area. the retired air croft carrier has a 100,000 square foot wood flight deck that's has started to spring leaks. the leaks need to be fixed before the heavy rains ex pecked by el nino. a contractor is working between storms to a fly a-dash ply a coating to the deck that's projected to the last for the next few years. the naval vessel was retired. i hope the rains are coming. when are they going to get here? we're heading into a dry weather pattern that could last well into the first week of january. this is the time had we really
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need to be getting that rain. it's just not materializing yet. the climate prediction center of says january, february, and march will have above average rainfall for central california right here in the bay area. that's good news. tonight, without the cloud cover from the storms, we are going to seaboard cold temperatures but we will get clouds tomorrow new york from this next weather system in the pacific. the clouds thicken through the day and then we'll have a chance for rain in the evening. clear skies right now. there's the storm producing northwest. they are getting the brunt of this system. we are going to get a little bit of a tail end coming through tomorrow night and that's at 6:00 a.m. tomorrow. clear skies. without the clouds, temperatures get really cold with this arctic air mass in please. we have readings below freezing tonight. through the morning it's going to be a mixture of sun in these high thin clouds. not comletely -- completely
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cloudy. sunshine at noon but then more gray skies begin to fill in. the rain holding off though at 4:00. still holding off at 8:00. it's going to have a hard time getting in here. just light patsing scattered showered through midnight and everything should wrap up at 3:00 a.m. rainfall amounts are 1/10 of an inch at best. i'll talk about the forecast in the last week of 2015 coming up. next stop, the candidate cash cow. we'll see who's giving big bucks to the presidential candidates.
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car break ins are a huge problem. we explain in this addition of behaving badly. reporter: what do you think of that right there.
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>> i love it. reporter: why? >> it's straightforward. reporter: there's a restaurant with a sign that has people talking. no, it's not this no parking sign. it's this dirt bag alert sign. >> i don't know what to think about it. it's new to me. reporter: according to the general manager of back boys barbecue, these signs are not really that new. >> these signs were posted about four, five years ago. there was a rash of car brakes in. reporter: several signs were posted around the parking lot. i was curious. what constitutes a dirt bag. >> someone's going to break into your car when you go to a restaurant. >> dirt bag alert. i love it. reporter: what's a dirt bag. >> anyone that's going to mess with your car is a dirt bag. >> yeah. i don't think people need to be reminded of that actually, but it's kind of sad that happens. >> a friendly reminder people shouldn't leave stuff in their car. that's what they look for. they'll come through real quick and see what they can grab.
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they can break a window and about be and out ever your car in less than 10 seconds. reporter: there's more. it seems being a dirt bag covers more than just car break ins. it covers people using used chewing tobacco in a water bottle. i signs may have become a victim of their own success. >> the signs have become their own little icon, so to speak. a couplele of these dirt bags have taken a couple of our dirt bag signs off some of our light standards. reporter: more signs are on the way. the real question is, are the signs have any effect. >> we had one broken window several weeks ago. as far as crimes, you know, property crimes go, since these signs have gone up, they're basically at zero. reporter: maybe, just maybe all the cities have been going about it the wrong way. dirt bag alert signs seem to get the job done. >> i saw the sign and it reminded me of something you
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would have posted on facebook or something. i sent you the picture. reporter: he knows me too well. stanley roberts, kron 4 news. >> you have a comment or story idea for stanley, e-mail us at people behaving badly at coming up at 8:30, donald trump taking credit for the u.s. deporting more families. why he says he's the one behind the move. plus, holiday leftovers. what's still safe to neat that's next.
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still ahead, the big stories that grab attention. we will get a look through the rearview mirror and see where we stand with them today. cell phone customers could have cash coming your way. you'll have to act fast. details ahead. an officer involved shooting in chicago leaves a college student and mother of five dead. what happened next.
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this is the bay area's news station. kron 4 news continues now. an officer involved shooting in chicago leave twos people dead. it happened as officers responded to a 911 call about a domestic dispute. the authorities face intense scrutiny. our cnn partnership reports. >> he was a promising child.
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he was going somewhere. we'll never now -- never know where that is. reporter: her 19-year-old son was home visiting from college at northern illinois university. she says recently her son had been suffering from mental illness. around 4:30 this morning the at his father's home, police were dispatched to a 911 domestic disturbance call. >> on their arrival, they were confronted by a combative individual resulting in an officer firing shots fatally wounding two individuals. reporter: her son opened the front door homed holding a baseball bat. the other victim, 57-year-old betty jones was a tenant in the home. >> she has twin daughters, never gave nobody a problem. reporter: as family of both victims arrive to find out what happened, janet went to the hospital and learned her son didn't make it. >> i spoke with the doctor, and
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she told me that he had 7 wounds and his heart had stopped beating before. they were trying to revive him, but she said there was too many shots. reporter: a grieving mother who feels in this case police were too quick pull the trigger. >> you call for help and you lose someone. it has to stop. reporter: the father of the 19- year-old reportedly called 911 saying his son was holding a met am bath and was acting erratically. the female victim was the mother of five who lived downstairs. a fire that burned a mosque in houston is being called suspicious by an official from the bureau of tobacco and firearmsment it was reported yesterday afternoon. the two alarm blaze caused major damage to the building,
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but no one was injured. >> it's not good to see it like that it's a place where people look for peace. people look for solutions, and people coming here with god. it's very, very sad. >> officials stay had multiple points of origin which means a fire accelerant may have been used. the investigation is ongoing. it is a rare thing for donors and politicians to talk about their relationships and what that money brings them. cnn caught up with a patron in the republican party who's given millions to politicians. he spoke with a pred al candidate who's best fitting. reporter: gop money man has written his biggest check to support his good friend, rick santorum. in 2012, the retired billionaire threw him a lifeline when he gave him more
8:33 pm
than $2 million. >> i think he's a champion little guy. he's very presidential. reporter: in his heyday, he was making $10 million a month. he won't say how much he'll give this campaign season, but he explained why he donates. >> i get a sense of satisfaction that i'm continuing the process that created my success. reporter: it can take as much cash as he's willing to give. instead of giving to come pains where the limit is $5400. >> when the super pact game along, i realized i could write a check. that's more effortless and that seemed to work. reporter: santorum doesn't believe he's trying to buy influence. >> if he was in it for access, he wouldn't be supporting someone who's 1% in the poll. reporter: better than gop fundraiser says passionate donors like him are outgunned by those seeking influence. >> there are a lot more people that are giving because they
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believe in something. they far outnumber the people who give for access yet the people who give for access give large -- much larger dollars. reporter: according to a non partisan watchdog, so far this election cycle, super pacts are raised $315 million. they spent almost $100 million. much of it is on ads. they leave republican candidates far behind the front run whole hasn't spent a dime on television advertising. >> super pacts are a disaster. they're a scam. they cause dishonesty and you better get rid of them because they are causing a lot of bad decisions to be made by some very good people and i'm not blaming says folks, but i guess i could. reporter: some experts say big check writers are a mix of business and ego. >> they're giving people to support what they want and giving to people they know will answer their phone calls if they win. they know they will give them access and listen careful tee
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what they want on a public agenda. >> presidential candidate donald trump is taking credit for an obama administration plan to step up deportations next month. donald trump says the move only came after his regular calls on the campaign trail to deport the estimated 11 million undocumented immigrants here in the u.s. the raids will focus on hundreds of families that are entered the u.s. since 2014. the plan is the first large scale effort to deport families that have fled violence in central america. police have beefed up security in indiana as a preconstitution as a warning to several european capitals with ex closives between christmas and new year's. a tip given by an anonymous friendly intelligence service came in a few days ago. they were given -- given name of the attackers. after investigating, there has been no concrete further evidence. there is no specific place or time of any possible attacks,
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but officials are stepping up surveillance where crowds are expected to gather. holiday leftovers, pretty tempttion, but what's safe and what's someone we'll give you tips coming up. tech reporter here. i just saw some amaze i go new technology helping deaf kids. wait null city in action. that's next on kron. we have another cold night on the way. freezing temperatures for the overnight. we're getting close to freezing right now in fairfield at 33 degrees. i'll have the forecast for tonight as well as tomorrow coming up next. whatever weather m our way. my name's scott strenfel and i'm a meteorologist at pg&e. we make sure that our crews as well as our customers are prepared to how weather may impact their energy. so every single day we're monitoring the weather, and when storm events arise our forecast get crews out ahead of the storm to minimize any outages. during storm season we want our customers to be ready and stay safe. learn how you can be prepared at
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together, we're building a better california.
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. we tend to have lots of leftovers during the holidays. we learn to you to --,000 eat them safely in today's health minute. reporter: part of the fun of the holidays is eating the family meal and enjoying delicious leftovers. following some simple rules can keep our food safe.
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for starters. >> make sure it's not sitting out longer than two hours and we want to make sure we chill it as well. reporter: whether that's the turkey or a casserole, get it in the refrigerator quickly to get bad bacteria from multiplying. >> put your food in airtight containers because that air files the bacteria. you want to keep the air out. reporter: the temperature of your refrigerator should be set below 40 degrees to ensure that the food will stay safe. you may want to get a thermometer if your fridge does not have one. when it's time to relate the leftovers, bring the temperature back up to the level needed when cooked the first time. >> you want to make sure the poultry is at 165. reporter: the academy of nutrition and dietetics say we should eat them within three to four days. if you have any concerns about. >> i if in doubt, throw it out is a nice motto. reporter: for today's health minute. i'm watching this and thinking who needs a refrigerator. it is so cold outside.
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put the leftovers out on the porch. in san san, it's not too cold. 40s tonight. >> that's cold. >> okay. well, i was thinking about like santa reese in the upper 20s. that's below freezing. so if you want to freeze the leftovers, santa rosa is the place to be for tonight. here's a time lapse from the san mateo bridge. you know what i like about these cold nights is you have the sparkling visibility and clear skies day and night. great for star watching and look at the surface in the bay, like glass reflecting the beautiful colors of sunset for tonight. another sight in the sky, it's the full -- well, almost full moon. we are beginning to wane. if you look up there in the upper right corner of the moon, a little bit of shadow there the full moon was yesterday on christmas and it just so happens it was the first time we've had a full moon on christmas in 38 years. the next time it will happen be
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with 20034. so if you missed it, it will be about another 20 years before it happens again. for tonight, clear skies, we're starting out with freezing temperatures and then we'll have increasing clouds through the day as our next weather system approves a little bit of light rain for the evening. a few hundredths or a tenth of an inch. here are the teps for the morning. there's a 28 degrees in santa rose a also upper 20s into fairfield. below freezing for much of the east bay valleys and even close to or below freezing for the santa clara valley as we get west and south of san jose, cool temperatures like morgan hill and gilroy. upper 20s tonight. upper 30s for oakland. so even 30s right up to the bay and highs for the afternoon are going up eventually into the low to mid-50s. we have some ex -- a mixture of sunshine and clouds in the morning. clouds increasing in the afternoon. it will be gray by 3:00 or 4:00. by monday, that wet weather that comes for tomorrow night, it will be overment we have a
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few clouds monday morning and increasing sunshine and increasing winds, too monday afternoon. it will be a little breezy. tuesday, another cold morning. this is going to be the theme through this week because we don't have any storms to deal with. mostly sunny skies and through the rest of this coming week, in fact, the rest of the year, the storm track is north of here maybe a few clouds on wednesday from a system close by. sunny and warmer into 2016. from relations to cube to killer quakes to curbing terror. we're going to take a look at the big stories that grabbed headlines around the world.
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the holiday season is often filled with sounds of joy, singing, friendly conversations, watching a classic holiday movie and tv shows. now, for kids who are deaf, an ipad and technology are making
8:45 pm
it easier to enjoy the holiday sounds that most us take for granted. we run it all down for you in tech trend. reporter: i'm witnessing something pretty magical here. stacy is a speech pathologist. they help tree and hard-of- hearing children learn to listen and speak. >> are you going to drive your car to me? reporter: through in ipad she is doing a face time video chat speech therapy session with care a and her two-year-old son who live far away it would take them four to five hours to drive to the wine garden center. >> i live in a little town in the foothills outside yosemite. so nearest resources even close are down in fresno, which is an hour and a half drive. even down there, i don't feel that there's a high quality services as i can receive from the baby talk folks. it's been very helpful. reporter: they call it their
8:46 pm
baby talk program. it's very innovative. it's tell he therapy, connecting speech therapists to families with deaf children who can't make it to inperson sessions. some of them can't get work off or they live too far. >> we can reach anywhere we find a family or a family can find us. so we're -- it's a rural state and there are people who can't get to the bay area. we can get to them and using the ipad has been amazing because it is easy technology for these families. some of them are migrant farm workers. they have no problem with accessibility. we give them an ipad and we provide the therapy at no cost to them. >> kind of -- sew puts it in the right basket. >> put in. >> good job. reporter: it can be beneficial to do this tell therapy where people are comfortable at home. >> home environment is really where the child is the most comfortable. we want to give the caregiver
8:47 pm
the best opportunity to learn in their own home using their own toys, their own, you know, laundry baskets. i can recreate all of that here, but when it's in their home, they can really tone as their own activity that they're going to do. reporter: if you would like to connect, you can add him on facebook or follow him on quite err e-mail him. if you use verizon, you could have money coming your way. you'll have to act fast. customers have until next thursday to claim refunds for unauthorized third party messages. charges for those texts, things horoscopes or sports scores were then allegedly buried in bills. the activity is known as cramming. the carriers agreed to pay $158 million to customers to settle claims with the government current and former subscribers who paid for this beginning july 1st, 2010, can file a
8:48 pm
request. freezing temperatures have son joaquin valley citrus growers working overtime. the national weather service issuing a hard freeze watch for much of the valley starting tonight through tomorrow morning. temperatures could drop into the 20s as brian pointed out for citrus growers that means running water and turning on wind machines to raise the temperatures in their grows. the freeze watch is later in the season so more of the crop has been harvested. so that's the gad news. from natural dis affidavit tore international scandal and terror attack to diplomasy. we look back at the major world events that topped headlines in 2015. reporter: an earthquake hit in april with a magnitude of 7.8. it devastated areas in and around cat man due killing more than 8,000 people. terror attacks rocked paris and
8:49 pm
the world on friday, november 13th. three groups avenue tackers armed with guns and suicide vests hit 6 spots in and around paris, including a concert venue and a soccer stadium. the attackers killed 130 people and injured hundreds of others. the november attacks were also a grim reminder of what had happened in january when two gunmen forced their way into the offices of the french magazine, a publication which often lampoons the muslim prophet. images of a young boy who's body washed ashore in turkey drew more eyes to the floods of refugees trying to enter europe through whatever means they could find. many of them among the 4 million syrians. russia began conducting air strikes in syria in september as the u.s. led coalition had done, but tensions grew quickly as the white house accused russia of launching strikes at non isis targets, including
8:50 pm
u.s. backed rebels. in november, turkey shut down a russian fighter jet. the turkish government says it violated their airspace. russia denied it the german wings jetliner crashed in the french alps in march killing 150 people on board. investigators believe when the captain stepped out of the cockpit, the copilot intentionally crashed the plane. the head of mexico's biggest drug cartel el chapo broke out of prison in july. police say say he crawled through a hole in the shower area of his cell down to a tunnel about a mile long and escaped. fifa's body charged pom multiple officials with rock tiering and require fraud. a swiss probe looked into corruption into the bidding prosser for future world cups in russia. the white house celebrated two
8:51 pm
huge diplomatic successes in 2015. the first normalizing relations with cuba and reopening the u.s. embassy in havana for the first time in 54 years. the second, helping negotiate a historic deal with iran to lift sanctions to curb the nation's nuclear program. meanwhile, great brit en celebrated the birth of princess charlotte elizabeth diana. a holiday program note, you can catch the annual tournament of roses here on kron 4 the long time pasadena tradition of marching bands. our rose parade coverage kicks off new years day at 10:00 a.m. and it features the saratoga high school marching band and color guard. that is friday, january 1st at 10:00 a.m. it's only on kron 4. believe it on, there are other movies besides "star
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wars." come you go up, what else is big at the box office?
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it is one of the biggest weeks of the year for movies. there are five coming to a theater near you. we have the latest movies in theaters. reporter: in concussion, will smith plays a pathologist who discovers a pattern of brain
8:55 pm
damage in football players. >> repetitive head trauma -- reporter: the movie follows the struggle to bring attention to and get something done about the problem. concussion is ratted pg-13. point break is a retelling of the 1991 hit of the same name. it tells the story of an fbi agent who infiltrates a group of international thieves. >> the people behind these robberies are extreme athletes. reporter: point break is rated pg doctor 13. jennifer laurens stars in joy. she starts a business empire despite incredible odds joy rated pg-13. find out what's so funny about the housing bubble collapse in the big short. the movie follows four south siders who shine a light on the big bang's gre, d. it is rated: will farrell and mark
8:56 pm
wallerburg face off in daddy's home. he plays a stepdad trying to win the affection of his wife's kids. daddy's home is rated pg-13. forever now showing, i'm andrew spencer. had to see the force awakens. >> i haven't seen it yet. i'm not going to ask if it was good or not. >> i won't. >> okay. but we're not going to leave the weather as a cliff- hanger. >> i will give all the details. no spoilers here. we have lots of cold temperatures for at any time. upper 20s in the coldest valleys, even 30s by the bay. freeze warning in effect about everywhere except for san francisco and the coast and here's a sneak preview looking at upper 20s. i think south of san jose will developer 20s. downtown san jose at freezing. >> it's cold. bundle up. >> good idea.
8:57 pm
>> has it for kron news at 8 clog. stay connected at or download one of our mobile apps. see you at 11:00, everybody.
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